"Podcast Playlist" curates the best stories from the podcast world. Each week, your audio DJs Matt Galloway and Lindsay Michael bring you some of the most intriguing content. "Podcast Playlist" is a place for discovery, introducing listeners to new ideas and perspectives. We “give voice” to a wide variety of podcasts from around the world, from the most popular to undiscovered gems, all tied to our weekly theme. We also feature interviews with some of the most brilliant minds in podcasting. The result is always a surprising and engaging hour of radio that connects listeners to new audio discoveries.

Latest from Podcast Playlist

From reality TV to nostalgic sitcoms to cheesy commercials, what can we learn from the boob tube? Can The Bachelor teach us about true love? Can product placement on Grey's Anatomy change people's opinions about a disease?
Run, Chirp, Lose, Dance, Fold. Podcasts about athletes. WNYC's The Season, Gimlet's Surprisingly Awesome, Seriously…​, CBC's Off Guard, Sift.
This episode is all about tricks and the tricksters behind them. Reply All, Dinner Party Download, To the Best of Our Knowledge, Grownups Read Things They Wrote as Kids, Tuner, The Spoke.
Get a taste of the most addictive serialized podcasts. From real-life documentaries like Missing Richard Simmons and Someone Knows Something to audio fiction like Homecoming, these binge-worthy stories will keep you coming back for more.
What do the people who make your favourite podcasts listen to? We have top podcast recommendations from the people who MAKE the top podcasts! Gilmore Guys, Welcome to Night Vale, Nocturne and more!
Seven playful podcasts that are sure to amuse you. Pause + Play, Planet Money, Imaginary Worlds, Note to Self, Full Hearts, Polygamer, The Moth.
Oprah Winfrey. Louis Armstrong. Muhammed Ali. A Victorian-era Shakespearean actress famous for playing men. Stories about masters in their field from Making Oprah, Blank on Blank, Shakespeare Unlimited, and more.
6 podcasts on the world of witchcraft & wizardry. Imaginary Worlds, Witch Please, Criminal, Harry Potter & the Sacred Text, Nerdist, Mortified.
Podcasts to accompany Oscar night. Featuring, Show Your Work, The Awards Show Show, Radiolab, Code Switch, Baby Geniuses, Dinner Party Download.
Heartwarming to heartbreaking. This week: stories about love. Featuring: The Allusionist, BBC Shortcuts, Surprisingly Awesome, Strong Opinions Loosely Held, Dear Prudence, Songs in Seven, Historically Black.